Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giving Thanks

Jim, Katie, and I made our annual trek to Columbus, Ohio to share Thanksgiving with Erin.

Holidays are hard on Jim unless he is with his own family. So this year, he wanted to make sure we had a hotel room so that he had some place to "get away" from all of the family time. His discomfort turns into a bit of stress for everyone. After 4 days of togetherness, we were all ready for some time apart.

Holiday stress is something that affects all families in one way or another. People are expected to stop their routines to cook more, eat more, spend more, visit more. And then at some point, one needs to just stop and reflect. What is this time supposed to be about anyway?

Thanksgiving should be about Giving Thanks! In all of the hustle of the days together, we did not give thanks! I want to do that now... I am so thankful for where I am in my life. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Erin and Katie and I have been through a great deal together. We share a bond, a very tight bond because of our life's events. Thank god we have each other!
  • Erin and Katie have accomplished so much with their careers. It makes a mom very proud indeed.
  • My job is one of continued satisfaction and yet I know that at any time I can retire. That is a very very nice feeling.
  • Jim and I have a relationship that, although not perfect, is our own unique blend of support and freedom. I love him for that.

As I sit here now reflecting on Thanksgiving and listening to Christmas music, I am very content. Stress and frustration are just life and this life I would do it all over again, in a heartbeat!