Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Blooms

Summer Blooms

I spent the day out in the sunshine. After days of cool weather, today was a real treat. It's time to think of all the things that are right with my life right now.

I just made biscotti. I love the rich dark chocolate variety. I can hear the birds singing from here and I can see the cat sleeping on her perch on the screened porch. There is such a satisfied calm in the air. Everyday should be this quiet and beautiful.

This week has not been so completely calm. There is beauty around me but there is unrest in the air. Jim and I are struggling with this thing called getting older! We are entering a time in our lives where there are thoughts of retirement but I can't imagine days of unstructured time.

Imagine a life time of marching to the beat of scheduled work days, committee obligations, night time meetings, alarm clocks and stress. A body gets used to the day to day of it all; infact sometimes finds joy in the accomplishments!

Now imagine sleeping until you naturally wake up, lingering over coffee, no real plans for the day - day after day after day!

Do you enjoy the flowers if you see them every minute of every day? Does the sounds of birds make you smile if you hear them day after day?

These are the thoughts that are running through my mind today. This day of beauty, sunshine and flowers...lingering over the final minutes of daylight as I ready myself for another busy week of work. For as much as I always longed for time to just relax and enjoy, now that I have that on the horizon, I worry about leaving the structure that I have had for so many years.

I think I will just linger on enjoying today and let tomorrow take care of itself!