Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

What is Christmas about really? No longer steeped in Christian tradition of church and the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus, it is now really more about presents and parties and decorations and twinkling lights. But when you don't want it to be that either, what is Christmas, really?

This year, I thought about this and realized that my vision has nothing to do with presents or parties, decorations or twinkling lights. It's about reflecting on the past year, trying to capture the essence in a yearly letter to friends. It's about those friends responding in kind. Pictures of families and children with smiles and laughter! It's about being with my own children and the memories of all their past Christmas mornings. It's about that feeling of warmth and satisfaction that comes over you, telling you that you have had a blest life.

And then, in the quiet of the morning, you thank God for the birth of his son because without that biblical event we would not all have this one date, this one day when work stops...and families make time to be together!

For me, Christmas is love!