Sunday, March 20, 2011

Closing Another Door...Or Is It Opening A New Door!

The countdown to retirement is running. Sixteen more weeks of work are but grains of sand now on the beach of life!

I remember beginning the journey so well and thinking at the time that I would surely only work full time until I had children. Now 38 years later, I look back on a career not just a job and surely not just work! I never did get to be a stay at home mom but I still managed to raise to incredible girls and work full time as well.

I am calm, now, with the decision to retire. I am calm because I can see, in myself, the desire to hold on to the old when I know that things need to change. I can see myself becoming more anxious over simple tasks. I can also see the fact that I am taking too long to accomplish some of those tasks or I put off starting them because of that anxiety! These are the signs I have seen in others when I have secretly thought they should retire. So now that I see it in myself, the decision is a comfort.

So what next?

This is uncharted territory. Having parents who died before reaching retirement, I see this time as a pure gift that can not be squandered! So, one would think that I have a grand plan...but I don't! It's kind of like stepping up to a door and not knowing what's on the other side so I am unable to prepare for anything other than opening the door!

We'll call this my One Step At A Time journey. I'll keep you posted!