Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lion or Lamb?

Today is the first day of March. The weather has always been wild and crazy during this month, sometimes starting out gently (lamb) but then ending with a blast (lion) and other times vice versa!

I believe work will be one or the other this year as well. Lots of changes coming which will throw people off - perhaps already has. Here we go again with that change thing! I suppose it's hard for people to change but on the other hand, how is it that anyone can think that things should stay the same?

When I first started teaching, elementary classrooms were a showcase of bulletin board art! My March boards always showcased something typical - lion and lamb or march into spring, something like that but never were the boards the same from year to year! Teachers right next to me put up the same tired heading and pictures year after year as they "refreshed" that bulletin board once a month. Their lessons were basically the same as well, now that I think of it! Plan books were saved for that very purpose!

Can you imagine going day after day, month after month, year after year doing exactly the same thing?

No wonder people are frantic with the world right now. It is a bombardment of change everywhere you look. Kids deal with it rapid fire. Infact, I think they are now hardwired to expect it daily. When things become too routine, they say "I'm bored!"

So, lion or lamb? How will we all deal with the changes ahead? It's going to be an interesting month!